Promoting Your Business with Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

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Promoting your business with custom printed shipping boxes is an effective marketing strategy that doesn’t eat up your time or your money. This article addresses some of the benefits personalized boxes can bring to your business.

Brand Recognition

Custom printed shipping boxes are like traveling billboards without the hefty price tag.

Think about all of the places you ship products to. How many people see your boxes while in transit? How many warehouse shelves do your products sit on? Your company brand could be reaching millions of people with little to no effort on your part. Add in a line or two about your company, or the contents of the boxes, and you could possibly hook more customers.

Once your products arrive at their destination, what happens to your boxes? They’re likely used to either store products or maybe even help someone move. Boxes are always needed for packing so it is very likely that they will be recycled and reused for something else. The more your boxes are used, the more your brand will be seen.

It’s All About Perception

Customer relations continue long after their order has left your store. You want to provide your customers with a unique and exciting shopping experience from the moment they first connect with your company to when that box arrives on their doorstep. Custom printed boxes will help your customers identify your products, build excitement, and promote trust. Time and effort put into marketing your brand shows a sense of professionalism and commitment to your product. A plain box is just that. Plain.

Keep Your Customers

Custom printed boxes provides you with a canvas to help your customers stay connected with your business. Contact numbers should be printed on your boxes so that customers can easily re-order their merchandise. Website urls are a great idea because that lets your customers know about your website so they can visit, leave reviews, and make new purchases. Companies can also print product information right on the boxes. This will keep your customers informed. The more they know about what they’re purchasing, the more trust you build, and the more likely they are to make purchases in the future.

TagandLabel makes it easy and affordable to purchase custom printed shipping boxes. You have the option of sending us your print-ready file or working with our in-house designers to create your unique personalized shipping boxes.

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