Custom Printed Tags

Simplify your life, professionalize your small business and label your homemade gifts with custom-printed and custom-designed tags. Our personalized hang tags, safety tags and labels are full- or one-color tags, delivered in the design of your choosing. Simply send us your design—or select one of our easy-to-use templates, and we’ll create your high-quality custom tags.

Types of custom tags we manufacture:

  • Hang tags for clothing, merchandise and other retail products
  • Safety tags for equipment, machinery or products requiring annual equipment safety checks
  • Tags for home-made products, merchandise and gifts, including: jams, jellies, canning, bottling and for tagging home-made beer and wine bottles

Our short runs are ideal for home-based, small and medium businesses, but our quality is professional-grade. It’s artistry on a tag.  Choose your tags size, shape and thickness, choose your design—then let our two decades of experience do the rest.