Personalized Wedding Favors Ideas

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If you are interested in spicing up your wedding favors, then Personalized Wedding Favors Ideas are the way to go. Popular wedding favors include custom labels, personalized coasters, and thank you tags. All these items are cost efficient, fully customizable, eye-catching, and extremely unique!

Wedding Label Ideas

Personalized Wedding Favors Ideas

Custom labels are a great way to give everyday items a unique touch. Having a wedding is already very stressful with all the major decisions needing to be made but making custom labels is stress-free and worth it! The possibilities to use a custom label are endless. You can use your custom label for wine bottles, hand sanitizer bottles for each table or to take home, and snack bags. Since you most likely have already made the harder decisions such as your wedding invites and colors, you could piggy-back off those ideas to make a cohesive label. Replicate your wedding invitation onto a wine label for the bar area or wedding favors.

Personalized Wedding Coaster Ideas

Personalized Coasters are a practical and great touch to add to your wedding tables or bar. Customize your coaster with any image you’d like with an option to print on one or both sides. You can feature the lovely couple’s names, photos, or even faces on either side! Coasters are essential at any bar area so why not make them a fun? Custom coasters print on high quality heavyweight pulp board paper that is recyclable at the end of the night making them hassle-free. Make your tables a little more unique with a personalized coaster for your guests to use and take home at the end of the night.

Wedding Tag Ideas

Wedding Thank You Tag

Custom tags are cost effective and is a simple way to thank your guests for attending. Tags can be easily put onto a gift bag of any size or around a wine bottle. You can customize a tag from start to finish. Utilize your wedding themed colors to make your tag cohesive featuring a simple “thank you” with the happy couple’s name and wedding date.


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