Are labels a better purchase over printed bags?

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Printed bags are great for branding. Businesses that stick to one design will find the printed bags an easy, cost effective, solution.

But what about businesses that want to use their bags as a marketing tool?  If you purchase printed bags then you are committing yourself to the design you choose. Which is fine if all you want to do is showcase your company name.

Purchasing labels to go on blank bags gives you more freedom to distribute the bags as you see fit.

Labels are not limited to bags either. You can use them for anything you package. Purchasing one set of labels is cheaper than purchasing several different custom-printed packing products.

If you still need help deciding what is best for your company, here are some labeling ideas:

Promotional Information

A label can have your company information and so much more! A line for special offers can be added so that you can let your customers know what kind of deals you are offering. When your promotion runs out, you simply go back to using a different label.


Customers like a company who shows their festive side. You can have your labels printed in different colors according to the upcoming holidays. Red and green for Christmas. Orange and black for Halloween. All green for St. Patrick’s Day. There are so many choices. And of course holiday decorations would add the finishing touches.


Does your business have offers or merchandise available during different seasons? Change things up by ordering some seasonal labels. A bright sunny label for summer. A pretty orange and red label with a hint of green for fall. Or a pretty ice blue for the winter time.

Labels are a fun way to be unique. Using the same style of bags year around can get boring. New designs and seasonal labels will catch people’s attention.

Multiple Stores

If you own multiple stores in different locations it might be economically cheaper for you to purchase labels with the different locations printed on them verus thousands of printed bags.

If you are ready to commit to labels over printed bags, head over to TagandLabel. You have your choice of custom printed labels (you design them, we print them) or submit your images and information and we will do the work for you!

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